You can join a Witch’s Brew This Sunday, August 20! From The Critical Thinking Witch Collective

Welcome, Witches, while we wag-on with wonderful, wondrous words! Our first Con took place on Friday the 13th in August of 2021, and we’re so excited to be preparing for our third Con (now at the beginning of Spooky Month, Sept/Oct). So come join us 2023 August 20th, for Magic (In) Words, our anniversary Brew!

We will be exploring the power of words, the history of magic words, and (as always) will have plenty of time for connecting.

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Atheopagan Web Weaving Pagan Conference June 3 & 4 call for presentations!

Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023 will take place June 3-4 of this year: an opportunity for our community to gather online, see one another’s faces, interact and socialize, and see great presentations by our members…and we need your presentation to really make the schedule hum!

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