The Post I Never Wanted to Write

The US Supreme Court overturned the 50-year-old precedent Roe v. Wade this morning, erasing the Constitutional right to an abortion. And they’re not done. “Justice” Thomas, in his concurrence, encouraged the Court to overturn the precedents establishing the right to access to birth control, to private consenting behavior among adults (in other words, preventing government …

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The Overculture vs. Reciprocity, Redux

In western societies (like all societies), people have fundamental and largely unspoken assumptions about how the world is supposed to work and how we are to behave. Subscribers to these assumptions believe that they are inherently entitled to certain rights, for example, and that governance should protect these rights and enable redress if they are …

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Hey, Vulture Culture folks! This is just some of the art supplies (including LOTS AND LOTS of hide pieces, bones, skulls, and other specimens) that will be available during both open-to-the-public and event-only vendors’ market hours at FaerieWorlds at the Cuthbert Ampitheater in Eugene, OR next week, June 17-19. (I’ll also have some completed tails, ears, masks, … Continue reading WHO NEEDS DEAD STUFF?

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GUEST POST: Practical Atheopagan Practices

Featured image: macro photograph of False Indigo Bush A guest post by Jess Rollar. When I stumbled onto Atheopaganism back in 2019, it felt like I had finally found my place. I’ve been an Atheist all my life and I’ve also leaned heavily towards Paganism, but my practice was on a more scientific and naturalistic …

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