REGISTRATION IS OPEN for an Upcoming Online Class: ATHEOPAGANISM: The Cleric’s Path

I am happy to announce an online class on Zoom, entitled ATHEOPAGANISM: The Cleric’s Path. The class is in three segments on Sundays at 10 AM Pacific Time (so our European friends can join us), starting March 27, continuing on April 10 and finishing on April 24. Each segment is 90 minutes in length. Tuition …

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Atheopaganism: A Path of Reverence, Celebration and Service

It’s been awhile since I wrote just generally about Atheopaganism: what is it, why does it exist, and what does it stand for? Atheopaganism is a religious/spiritual path I envisioned between 2005 and 2009, which led to publication first of an essay and eventually of the book Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science. In …

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Towards a Daily Spiritual Practice

One of the things which characterizes our Atheopagan path–and which we share with many other Pagan denominations–is observation of the eight holidays of the Wheel of the Year: the solar solstices, equinoxes and the midpoints between them. So every 7 weeks or so, we have a seasonal festival to celebrate, if we so choose. How …

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Imagining a Brand-New, Cringe-Free Paganism

Bear with me here, because I am probably going to piss some people off. Just keep an open mind, and listen. Atheopaganism is a modern path. Created beginning in 2005, the essay describing it was first published in 2009. The online community launched in 2014. The book was published in 2019. The podcast began in …

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Building Community, Core Values and Leadership

Recently, the Atheopagan Society launched a new program for the community: affinity groups. These are small groups organized around topics of common interest or geographical areas, where Atheopagans can interact, learn, support and get to know one another better. They meet on whatever platforms they choose (or in real life, when safe), and are not …

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