Time + Tenacity = Hope, by Mark Green

I will look up at that red Moon this Saturday, and I expect I will cry: cry at its beauty, cry at the passage of the years, cry in relief that I have had these 38 years since my night under the blood Moon of July 4, 1982.

Friends, I don’t know whether it is possible to communicate this except by living it, but if it is, please know: it can get better.

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GUEST POST: By Helping Your Community, You’re Helping the World

By Meredith Jones The world is a truly unforgiving place, which is why we all need to band together, look out for each other, and help one another. Of course, there are those who need more help than others, and it’s for their benefit that we’ve created this list. The fact is that we all … Continue reading GUEST POST: By Helping Your Community, You’re Helping the World

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Confessions of an Obligate Psychonaut

I’m a psychedelic survivor. No, wait. I said that incorrectly. I have survived because of psychedelics. There, that’s better. Now, people have varying opinions about this class of drug…and all drugs which are used by some for fun and recreation. This is a big subject, and I hope to unpack it, but let me disclose … Continue reading Confessions of an Obligate Psychonaut

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